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Chardonnay - Mulas Alta Vista Ranch

Stratton Lummis Chardonnay comes exclusively from one single vineyard in Carneros. The Dijon clone grapes for this wine are sourced from the historic Mulas Ranch off of Ramal Road in the rolling hills of the Sonoma Carneros. The proximity to San Pablo Bay is what makes Carneros special for Chardonnay by providing a slow and gentle ripening period for these delicate grapes. The soils of the Carneros region are predominately clay and very thin and shallow providing poor drainage and fertility. Winds coming off the bay encourages the grapes to struggle forcing them to ripen with intense rich flavors often tropical. Originally dairy farmers the Mulas family (now four generations in Carneros) has always been committed to farming grapes and dairy sustainably.

Cabernet Sauvignon- Napa Valley

I have told you if I tell you where the grapes come from I lose them. So why are you trying to find out here? But, you must have a clue from how we select our other vineyards.

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